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Custom Software Development

We are a team of software developers – mostly backend, frontend, some of us work with mobile apps, or write custom plugins for various software.

Over the years, we have been mostly building web applications and server backends to serve the needs for interactions with users, automate workflows, data pipelines, analytics, and communication. We have also built several mobile applications and plugins, eg. for Jira issue tracking system.

Our customers asked us to handle both prototypes and data-heavy products. We have been gathering requirements, designing, implementing, optimizing, and maintaining various types of applications. We have also been acting as advisors and Disaster Recovery Coordinators.

We have established relations with specialists in multiple fields: Senior Managers, Project Managers, Analysts, System Architects, Designers. We are not aiming to be jack of all trades, but we can use skillsets available elsewhere.

Our preferred technologies include: Python, Postgres, Amazon Web Services, Google APIs & SDKs. We aim to build robust platform for your future growth, but always adapted to your needs and preferably in widely known technologies.

We have seen a lot, and we always use our experience to your benefit.

And one more thing… We heard that the fact our software was used by several Fortune 50 companies, and by several million of patients in the US, makes a difference.

Feel free to grab a virtual cup of coffee during virtual meeting (or real one after pandemics is over) and have a chat with us.

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